Dora Konomi - Toronto, Canada

Show:  Doralicious


Dora Konomi, the “Beba”, of Agape Greek Radio brings enthusiasm, sassiness, sexiness and an array of knowledge on many topics.  She has five years of experience in the radio industry and has since become the main personality for Agape Greek Radio. Dora’s show, Doralicious, appears daily on, weekly on Chin Radio, in Toronto and Ottawa, and Hellenic Radio in Johannesburg. She interviews actors, singers, politicians, matchmakers, fortunetellers and cutting-edge personalities.


Dora is pursuing her legal studies at the University of Ottawa while competing in international competitions. She holds a degree in Criminology and Classical Studies from the University of Toronto, Trinity College. She also writes opinion pieces for Precedent Magazine, a lawyer’s magazine in Toronto.


Dora is very involved in Toronto’s fundraising and social scene. For the last three years, she has hosted the Pan-Macedonian Fashion Show that attracts over 1000 people and several Canadian designers, including Staphan Caras. The Hellenic Heritage Foundation has asked Dora to chair their events including the Lifetime Awards Ceremony, where she gave awards to prominent Greek-Canadians, and the annual “A Night in Plaka” Gala that has raised over $5.5 million to preserve Hellenic culture. Other non-for-profit organizations seek Dora’s expertise and personality to host their events such as the Hellenic Hope Center, Toronto’s City Hall, Chairman’s Brands Golf Tournament, the Greek Community of Toronto, and Ottawa’s Mooting Program.


Dora is also the point of contact for all Greek performers when they visit Toronto or Ottawa. She maintains close ties with Greek celebrities and often welcomes them on her show. Performers who have appeared on the Doralicious show and love taking selfies with Dora include Ilias Vrettos, Panos Kalidis, Vegas, Giorgos Dalaras, Thanos Petrelis, Kostas Karafotis, Xenia Ghali, Dimitris Giotis, and Giorgos Sabanis to name a few. Dora is often invited to attend several Greek concerts and events in New York, at Melrose Ballroom.


Her selfie game is strong, she loves reading a good book and drinking a glass of wine.


Catch Dora’s selfies here:

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Instagram: @doralicious23


Twitter: @doralicious23



Christina-Laia Vlahos - Toronto, Canada

Show:  Gringlish Girl

Christina-Laia Vlahos began her career in show bizz at the age of 22 in publicity & promotions at MGM/UA in Toronto. She has since worked as a publicist and communications specialist for various talent, entertainment, and production companies in North America and Europe. Christina later moved into production where she currently resides both behind, and in front of the camera, working as a creative producer, writer, host, and voiceover artist. In 2014 Christina wrote & published her first novel, Wicked Games. Available on, the book was inspired by a journal Christina kept while producing a commercial the previous year in Greece. Known as the Gringlish girl, Christina is currently working on her small screen series, creating & hosting shows in Greek & English, for Greek lovers worldwide!


Stay tuned for more updates and her small screen debut!


Weakness: Dark Chocolate


Favorite City: Havana/Paris


Favorite Quote: “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde



The Gringlish Girl Show Airs in 4 different segments, each representing a unique theme!




4 am - I LUV MY HAUS! INFO-TAINMENT  & CHAT, with house music, tribal, chill, lounge, afro-house and dance.




5 pm SHADES OF BLONDE -  RELATIONSHIP CHAT, IT’s ALL ABOUT LOVE & THE SEXES, with a variety of Greek music.


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Instagram: @gringlish_girl


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Tulla Critsotakis
Johannesburg, South Africa


Tulla Critsotakis - Tulla hails from Santorini & Chios in Greece but she was born in Egypt. Tulla has lived in South Africa since the age of 5. She is currently the station manager of Hellenic Radio 1422AM Community Radio, servicing Hellenes living in South Africa but also worldwide via livestream at She works closely with radio stations from all over the world, namely, Sophia Times in Bulgaria, Dialogos Radio in the USA, SFERA in Greece and RIK, Cyprus, and of course , as well as International DJ’s Valentino, DJ Simos, DJ Hlias Gkegas, etc.

Hellenic Radio provides, Information, Communication & Innovation which is also it’s Tagline.


Tulla manages, produces, corresponds, liaises and basically covers all Radio requirements. Hellenic Radio has 17 wonderful presenters at the moment, who are all volunteers.


Believe in yourself and remember that F.E.A.R has two meanings:  Forget Everything and Run … OR … Face Everything and RISE…. The choice is yours!



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Instagram:  @tullcr11

Email: or


Vasiliki Carathanassis - Calgary, Canada

Show:  Vixen and Jackal

Vasiliki Carathanassis -  " the "Vixen" of Agape Greek Radio. Flirty and vivacious she loves to bring a foxy flare to her music selection.


Vicky studied Engineering at the University of Calgary and resides on the west coast of Canada (aka "Cowtown).  She is brand new to Agape Greek Radio but not a newbie at hosting. She volunteered for 6 years hosting a local Greek radio show in Calgary where she deepened her love for Greek music and had the opportunity to meet several greek artists such as Thano Petreli, Kostas Karafotis and Glykeria.


Also pegged as the "Salsa girl" Vicky has spent 12 years semi professional salsa dancing. She loves the latin vibes and a little bit of "cha cha" in her music ;) When she isn't dancing she is playing soccer, traveling the world or enjoying some wine with her favorite girlfriends.


Favourite Cities: Athens, Paris, London, Lisbon, Las Vegas, New York... too many to list :)


Weakness: French Fries & Wine


Favourite Quote: ‘Life is a journey, not a destination.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson



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Facebook: carathanassis


Instagram: @vcaratha

Adonia Tsakalakis - Calgary, Canada

Show:  Vixen and Jackal

Adonia Tsakalakis


"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything" -Plato


'Music is a big part of my world. I'm pretty sure I came into this world dancing'

Adonia is currently living in Calgary, Alberta and has been involved in hosting a local multicultural Greek radio show on CJSW 90.9fm for the last 14ish years.

When this 'Tsakali' isn't wearing her headphones, she's either teaching yoga or Greek folk dance.


'I have a passion for helping those in need and I believe that Music is a therapy that nourishes and has the power to shift ones state of mind'.


Adonia is a graduate from the University of Calgary, Yoga Therapist, Coordinator for Dionysos Hellenic Cultural Society and lover of life! Adventure and living spontaneously is what she thrives on. Tune into Agape Greek Radio to learn more about Adonia, where she's travelled and the cool people she's met! Namaste Kala!


Favourite place: Ellada


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Weakness: Chocolate


IG: @confessionsfromthemat


Twitter: @adoniatsak



Nikos Koulousios - Amsterdam, Holland

Show:  Hellas Pindakaas

Nikos Koulousios - 'If you don't do things passionately, don't do them at all' - Nikos Koulousios


'By nature I'm heavily invested in everything I do. Life is what you make of it. Radio is our collective soul. It transcends us to another universe, where music is the language that unites us all.'


Kazantzakis said it best: "I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free." No hesitations, no regrets my friends.


'I am a journalist and radio producer, roaming the 7 seas of Amsterdam and the world wide web looking for inspiration and an answer to the question: How can we all become mia parea! I use the radio and the web to discover bulletproof ideas and titanium people that will help me in my quest. Join the ride on Agaperadio?'


Nikos Koulousios is the voice and the man behind Hellas Pindakaas, the Greek radio show on Amsterdams Municipal Radio «Salto/Stads FM». He is the creator, producer and host of this award winning weekly radio broadcast, that in 2013 won the prestigious Amsterdamse Mediaprijs for best expat radio in Holland. Music takes centre stage on Hellas Pindakaas - Locomondo, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Kostis Maraveyas, Filippos Pliatsikas, Molotov Jukebox and Snowapple are just a few of the artists  interviewed on the show.

Also a columnist and Greek correspondent, Nikos reports on current affairs, local and Greek news, cultural and social issues, events and concerts for Dutch and international newspapers, magazines, television programs, news websites and, of course, the radio. He is a member of the Foreign Press Association of The Netherlands - Buitenlandse Pers Vereniging.


You will find him roaming daily on Facebook & LinkedIn. As Hellas Pindakaas you will find him on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and YouTube.


Favourite place: Halkidiki, Greece



Weakness:  Greek poets



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Nikos on the Web


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Hellas Pindakaas On Demand

DJ Simos- Germany

DJ Simos


DJ Simos hails from Drama, Greece. His craze with music began as a child listening to his father’s 45’s (records). With time he later began spinning at a few venues. The first venue he played was in his hometown, at the age of 14! At 22 years old, he left for a trip to Germany,  but he wound up staying, working as a mechanic and later DJ. DJ Simos however, isn’t just a disc jokey, he has written several songs; lyrics and music! Additionally, he has created more than 90 CD mixes, from well-known tracks. The “Alasitas Mixes” are quite well known in venues in Stuttgart, Germany where DJ Simos resides when he is not spinning throughout Greece! In an interview, DJ Simos revealed that today CDs are just as he is, quite trivial, for he is just an ant!

Ellinikos Rythmos - Boston, USA

DJ Ike of the Salonica Boys

Ellinikos Rythmos


“Music was my first love…”


DJ Ike of the Salonica Boys, and his co-host Chris K. bring a knowledge of Greek Music to Agape’s Lineup, showcasing the top hits of Greece every week.  Ike grew up in the Boston area, with strong ties and roots to Greece.  My Parents always had music in the home, which created a strong love for Greek Music. At the young age of 16, he started his own DJ company and has been going strong ever since.


When he’s not entertaining crowds, you will find Ike on the diamond or in the air.  With a love for Music; playing baseball and travelling are a close second.


When it comes to sports, it's hard not to root for home teams, Go Pats, Go Sox.


And yes he DOES pronounce his R’s...

No Bahsten Accent for him.


Favorite City – Thessaloniki, of course.



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Twitter: @greekdj




Taboo.  From Greece/International

Ilias Gelia


Ilias Gelia is a music producer and founder of “Without Taboo”. A musical party event he created for airwaves within Greece and beyond. The party mix has since made its way to radio stations in South Africa, Australia, Jeruselum, and North America, as well as a variety of local Greek radio and internet stations. His musical collaborations include musicians Zan Batist, Giorgios Liatys, Basilis Anemogios, and Yiannis Sofillas to name a few. For an intimate look into Ilias’ mix, check out his new set for agape greek radio weekly, and get ready for a some real Taboo!


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Facebook: Ηλίας Γκέλιας


Facebook Page:  Without taboo mix&party by iliasg


Youtube : WiThOuT TaBoO mix WiThOuT TaBoO Party


Instagram : ilias_gelias


Dj Katrella - Ottawa, Canada


Dj Katrella - "With a steady finger on the flow of tunes and a heart for the story inside the songs you love, DJ Katrella brings her wicked talents to JUMP! 106.9’s powered-up Ottawa Club Night, Saturday’s 7:00 PM-2:00 AM! Born and raised in Ottawa Ontario, her work ethic and continual learning the craft of DJing, is what takes most of her time.


DJ Katrella and her sassy scarlet macaw Prince have been stirring up musical favourites and making feet hop and hearts sing at clubs and major events in Canada and the United States.  She also brings her music across the map to Miami, Florida. In In addition to JUMP’s OCN on Saturday nights, she can be heard on Wednesday mornings on Revolution 93.5 FM a Miami radio station."



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Instagram: @djkatrella


Twitter: @djkatrella




Michael Nevradakis  -USA


Michael Nevradakis - I’m a Ph.D. candidate at The University of Texas (Austin) in the field of Media Studies, and my PhD research is being conducted on the ground in Greece, with a focus on social and new media and its impact on public discourse in Greece during the crisis. I’ve been producing and hosting Dialogos Radio since August 2010, and have some previous experience with radio, including work as the program director of the campus radio station of my undergraduate university, Stony Brook University (New York). I manage two online radio stations, Dialogos Radio 24/7 and Radio Begleri, but more recently, I became involved with FM broadcasting in the United States, as I am the president of a registered non-profit corporation which is the licensee of an LPFM station, WCSQ-LP, based in a community in Upstate NY, just outside of Albany, the state capitol. The station operates on-air as “Radio Cobleskill” and for most of the week features a “hot AC” format that I designed and programmed myself. Even from afar, I handle programming and management duties for the station, while individuals who are locally in the community are working on underwriting, sponsorship, and engineering issues when they arise.


Continuing on, I contribute many of my interviews to publications such as Mint Press News and and have previously written for other outlets as well, ranging from the Huffington Post to Hot Doc magazine in Greece.

Alexi Kotsi, AKA "ο κούκλος" - South Africa

Show:  The Alex Kotsis Show

Alexi Kotsi, AKA "ο κούκλος" hails from Johannesburg, South Africa, he found a love for Greek music at a very young age and started DJ'ing from 14 years old, he has gone on to becoming one of South Africa's highly rated and recommended Greek DJ's, traveling nationally and internationally for Greek events across the African continent and running a successful events and production company.


Alexi joined Hellenic Radio in Johannesburg on 18 November 2006 whilst completing a diploma in media studies (Radio major). He has hosted both morning and afternoon drive time shows since joining Hellenic Radio, and currently hosts a music show called "τέσσερις μαι έξι μαι τον Αλέξη" which airs Friday's from 16:00 - 18:00.


Weaknesses: Greek woman and Galaktobootycall "γαλακτομπούρεκο"

Favorite Cities: Thessaloniki, Greece and Sydney, Australia




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Twitter @lxkdj

Instagram @tokouklaki

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SoundCloud @lxkdj

DJ Giorgos Reisopoulos

DJ Giorgos Reisopoulos - You know him from Panos Kalidis’ hit -Koupe Pe, that had Greece dancing to its official club version.  His mixes broadcast in more than 140 FM stations!


He is part of Christodoulos Siganos’ and DJ Valentino’s production company, SiganosTV. His great popularity in production came when he released the official club version of the Greek hit, “Koupe Pe” by Panos Kalidis.


Over the past 15 years, Giorgos Reisopoulos has been mixing at the hottest decks in Greece and now brings his show “I Sexy” radio show to Agape Greek Radio.






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Facebook:  DjGiorgosReisopoulos

Tess Spentzos

Show:  Live, Love, Laugh

Live Radio