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Always the voice of reason, Théa Adamopoulos co-hosts #SisterTalk on Γυναίκες Μαζί with her (twin!) sister, Tina. The segment is where the sisters give listeners a glimpse into their own conversations and talk about everything from lifestyle news and entertainment to culture and life memories.

I’m an experienced manager who now works as a consultant helping leaders and teams grow. I'm also a journalist and program producer. I worked for over 30 years in leadership positions at Rogers Sports and Media. I focus on honing emotional intelligence skills, communications strategies, team-building and decision-making to help individuals and organizations achieve more. I bring my real-world experience to every workplace interaction. My style is caring, engaged and honest.

DJ Jimmy V is one of the most popular radio personalities in Sydney, Australia.  He has worked with Eurovision celebrity, Giorgos Alkaios on his 2010 tour in Sydney also with Thanos Petrelis In 2012.  Deejay Jimmy V showcased his talents at the Panos Kiamos Concert.  His radio show "Karamela"  is currently broadcasting on 88.1Fm in Sydney,  a program which highlights the latest Greek music from around the world.  Jim Voulinos joins Agape Greek Radio's family from down under, so they we all can be entertained  and informed of what is happening in the largest Greek Community outside of the homeland. For Stephen Panagaris (DJ Fantasy) it all started when he was 10 with my mother's record player in the living room.  It quickly developed into a real of music.   He quickly spinning discs and announcing on the radio in Australia in 1995 with 99.3FM -WILD FM.  From there, DJ Fantasy started producing music for Artist like Stevei B & WILD FM Megamix's.  He also produced Radio advertising for the likes of NOVA - 2DAY FM & Melbourne based radio stations.  Today, DJ Fantasy co-hosts with DJ Jimmy V on Karamela Radio, now broadcasting on Agape Greek Radio.    

Ioanna Maria Kantartzi is a Ph.D. student in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Her area of research focuses on leadership in recreation and sport settings. Η Ιωάννα Μαρία Κανταρτζή είναι Διδακροτική Φοιτήτρια στη Σχολή Ανθρώπινης Κινητικής του Πανεπιστημίου της Οττάβας. Το ερευνητικός της  ενδιαφέρον εστιάζει σε θέματα ηγεσίας υπηρεσιών αναψυχής και αθλητισμού.

Daughter of a Greek musician, Dora Papoutsakis was immersed in "ta laika" at a very young age because her father worked as a keyboard player in the Vancouver bouzoukia scene for over 40 years. She grew up listening to Vancouver's Greek radio program and in her late teens joined as a co-host.  Her love for radio led her to complete her radio broadcasting degree at BCIT and she continued hosting "Greek Canadian Memories" with Mike Georgiopoulos for over 15 years until it went off the air. Dora's love for anything Greek began from her annual visits to Greece and led her to get fully involved in the Greek Community of Vancouver by volunteering with their youth programs and Greek School for many years. After marrying her husband, Niko she also became involved in the Cretan Association of BC which is one of the strongest associations in western Canada.  In recent years Dora has taken on the role of Camp Coordinator for Camp Met BC where she is the official "Mom" of Camp. Her number one priority is to keep the Greek youth in BC involved and engaged in their communities and to spread the love for anything Greek to all. Along with her volunteering, she is a full-time mom and a Government of Canada employee. She is an open book and welcomes any questions or comments at any time!

Whether on-air, writing or somewhere behind-the-scenes, Tina Adamopoulos is passionate about sparking engaging conversations and building community with her work. Γυναικες Μαζι is a show that celebrates Greek women around the globe, and features interviews with entrepreneurs, foodies, creatives and vibrant personalities.

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